Peter Gillman releases new edition of Eiger Direct

February 14, 2020 1 min read

A new edition of Eiger Direct, a memoir by adventurers Peter Gillman and Dougal Haston, has been released in paperback and ebook format.

The memoir recounts a dramatic attempt in 1966 on the notorious North Face of the Eiger, first climbed in 1938. Their British-American team aimed to climb the notorious face via a new, direct route. Astonishingly, they were unaware of a German team planning an attempt on precisely the same route until they arrived at the foot of the face. What followed became a race to the top laden with risk, resilience, tragedy and redemption. Gillman, just twenty-four at the time, reported for The Telegraph as these dramatic events unfolded, and drew on both his and Haston’s recollections to recount this extraordinary story in Eiger Direct. Over fifty years later, Gillman reflects on the expedition in a new introduction.

Commenting on the release of the book, Gillman said: ‘I am thrilled and delighted that Eiger Directis being republished after so long. Over the years people have told me how much they enjoyed it when it first appeared, and others have regretted that it was out of print. When I read it again now, the writing still strikes me as fresh and immediate, reflecting the dramas of those extraordinary events. I hope the book will stand as a tribute to those remarkable climbers and their dream of making the most audacious ascent of its time.’

Eiger Directis now available to purchase direct from out website, and as an ebook on Kindle UKand US, Kobo, iTunes and Google Play.