Our top ten outdoor blogs

March 21, 2020 5 min read

Cabin fever kicking in? We’re already pining for those long days out in the hills. We might not be able to get out there ourselves at the moment but that doesn’t mean we can’t still explore these places in other ways. We’ve put together a list of outdoor blogs to help you banish the lockdown blues and embrace the role of armchair adventurer.

1. The Outdoor Adventure blog

The Outdoor Adventure Blog has a simple mission: to inspire everyone to get outdoors, whether that be climbing the UK’s tallest peaks or taking your kids out for a bike ride. Run by husband and wife team Rob and Michelle, topics covered include everything from mountain biking, hiking and kayaking to forest therapy, ten UK destinations to visit in a camper van, the five steps to becoming a peak bagger, and anything else you might need to know about living adventurously.

2. Fiona Outdoors

Fiona is a widely published journalist and multi-award-winning blogger specialising in outdoor adventure. Ever heard of gamping? That’s right, when all you can do is have adventures close to home, it’s time to improvise. Go for your daily exercise and then set up a tent in your back garden. Just find the perfect spot, climb under canvas and hunker down to enjoy an al fresco dinner and chill. There’s plenty of other outdoor content on her blog too, including tips on staying fit after fifty, gear reviews, book recommendations and ‘top tens’ including the best European ski runs and the finest spots for forest bathing in Scotland.

3. John D. Burns

John’s writing is born out of his love for the Scottish hills and wilderness. One of Vertebrate’s own bestselling authors, he writes eloquently about memorable days out in the hills in his characteristically witty style. John is a staunch proponent of the need to preserve our landscapes and native species, and you’ll find with each adventure he brings the magic of the Highlands to life with vivid descriptions of mountain vistas and any wildlife he might encounter. His latest blogs feature a list of recommended audiobooks that have inspired his own adventures (a great idea if you’re looking for something to listen to while you’re stuck indoors or taking your daily exercise); and outings to the enchanting Glen Feshie in the Cairngorms National Park, and the Grampian mountains in winter to catch the sun after many days of rain and wind.

4. Travels with a Kilt

Neil Robertson is a Scotsman and a travelling adventurer. Having spent much time exploring the globe, Neil decided to ditch life in a suitcase and focus on highlighting everything Scotland has to offer. He builds Scotland travel itineraries and also offers plenty of free content on where to visit, which attractions to see, where to eat and how to travel, recommendations for off-season trips, what to expect on island-hopping holidays, issues such as overtourism, ideas for planning a sustainable travel itinerary and loads more ...

5. Generation Tribe

Generation Tribe is a lifestyle and wellbeing space for teenage girls and young women. It aims to inspire women and girls to achieve, whether that be in their career or other aspects of life, through success stories and advice. The blog is run by Bex and Charlotte, both journalists with fifteen years’ experience between them. If you need any motivation to take daily exercise or find a sport you love, there is plenty of inspirational content on here, including a blog from Oyenike Odewunwi who featured in the This Girl Can campaign while four months pregnant, and tales of other everyday women who use sport and exercise to cope with health conditions, confidence and mental wellness.

6. The Girl Outdoors

The Girl Outdoors is a blog for anyone who loves adventures. Run by Sian, a multi-award-winning blogger, writer and speaker from Bristol, it features recommendations including the best ten adventure campsites in the UK, ten of the best weekend getaways in Britain and the world’s coolest yoga retreats. You’ll also find gear reviews, competitions and write-ups and video clips of her own adventures to take a look through if you need a breath of fresh air.

7. Tonic of the Sea

Katie Maggs is wild swimmer, writer and Health Sciences lecturer based in Penzance, Cornwall. Following a period of stress and anxiety, Katie found solace in open water to restore her physical and mental wellbeing. Her journey was documented in an inspiring short film called Tonic of the Sea which has been shortlisted for a number of major international awards including the BAFTA 2018 short film awards. Her blog of the same name, and soon-to-be-published book, advocates the rewarding physical and therapeutic benefits of outdoor swimming. She says, not only does taking time out for yourself and connecting with nature cleanse and clear the mind and boost the immune system, but also it builds confidence in other areas of life – helping us to be happier, calmer and more optimistic, and giving us the courage to be the drivers of our own success. Now who couldn’t benefit from a dose of that from time to time, or every day before morning coffee?

8. Cool of the Wild

Cool of the Wild is run by a team of people who will take any excuse to get outside. You’d struggle not to find everything you need to know about making the most of the outdoors here. From beginner guides to gear reviews, recipes and advice and inspiration, there’s a smorgasbord of content on here to keep you entertained for days while actual time outdoors is limited.

9. Get Out with the Kids

Gav and Shell are busy parents juggling all the normal stuff that goes with family life. They had always loved hiking, cycling, climbing and camping but after they had children, it became clear that outdoor activities required a very different approach. With little information out there, they started Get Out with the Kids to help other parents enjoy family activities outdoors. Their blog offers challenges you can do as a family, recommendations on where to go, gear reviews and much more …

10. Travelling Lines

Emily Woodhouse is an adventurer, writer and founder of Intrepidmagazine, a publication designed to help break stereotypes about women in the outdoors. Her blog, Travelling Lines, documents her adventures around the world and there’s even a bucket list in case you’d like to try any of her suggested adventures yourself.

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