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March 25, 2021 3 min read

It used to be so simple – we had the world’s best mountain bike guide – Peak District Mountain Biking, the world’s best climbing book – Banff Grand Prize winner Jerry Moffatt – Revelations and the world’s second-best bouldering guide Peak District Bouldering, after 7 & 8 Fontainebleau obviously.

 peak district mountain biking cover peak district bouldering cover swimming wild in the lake district coverjerry moffatt revelations cover

But we simply couldn’t stop there. Now we have a lot of books, a lot of great outdoor adventure books – climbing books, mountain biking books, fell and trail running books, hillwalking books and even bizarrely enough a book on cold, open water, swimming.

Here’s a quick go-to round up of our special offers which may be a help to find just what you are looking for on our website.

First up, all our books are 20% off all the time, and if you’re UK based, shipping is free.

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Special offers and reduced books

Many of our older books, some books we perhaps just printed too many of and a few we want to get out there, are often half price on the site. Some you’ll just need to find, but here’s a quick list of the best of them:

  walking the literary landscape coverstatement the ben moon story cover the fight for everest 1924 coverpunk in the gym cover
sky dance coverchris bonington mountaineer coverpeak rock cover

Looking to write an adventure book?

If you’re a prospective author, you could do worse than reading one of our books before you submit. We are quite specific about what we like. I’d like to say we know our readers and we know what they like to read. Before submitting, I do suggest looking at Big Trails: Great Britain & Ireland, or Swimming Wild in the Lake District if you’re sending in a guidebook, and Broken or Tides if it’s more narrative. These books demonstrate that unique combination of quality, sometimes quirky writing style, narrative arc and well-presented insight.

big trails great britain and ireland cover swimming wild in the lake district cover  tides coverbroken cover

Signed stuff

We have a bunch of books that have been signed by the author; the best of which are:

jerry moffatt revelations  mastermind cover the darkness beckons cover sky dance cover

hanging on cover the uncrowned king of mont blanc cover quest into the unknown cover the magicians glass cover

The biggest bargains

Our book bundles offer the biggest savings on the site. We’ve collections of all sorts of books, for example, our wildlife book bundle is £36 and our Peak District Bouldering bundle is £28. There’s also a walking, a children’s book and a John Burns bundle to choose from. Click HERE to visit our Book Bundles page.

wildlife photography bundle climbing bundle day walks in the peak district bundle children's series bundlejohn d burns bundle

The best of the best

What would we recommend is the best climbing book or the best outdoor adventure book?

Here’s five to get you started:

  • To Live – a truly epic read; harrowing, life affirming, gripping and about as good as mountaineering literature gets.
  • Winter 8000 – an epic of the genre; a history of hardcore.
  • Waymaking – what happens when you ask the world’s greatest writers on adventure to send you a chunk of their best work.
  • Wild Winter – a love letter to the highlands from an enthusiastic, if not entirely energetic, beau to his older and wiser, long suffering, perhaps slightly reluctant lover.
  • Big Trails – everyone should do one before they die. From the Dales Way to the Pennine Way, the ups and downs of the very best.

to live cover winter 8000 cover  wild winter cover

big trails great britain and ireland coverwaymaking cover

And finally, something special

Our collection of gift boxes make beautiful presents. For the price of the books, we package them up with a few choice other gifts, finished with elegant rustic wrapping. Popular as birthday presents, the All About Scotland gift box is the most popular, followed by Adventures on Two Wheels and Inspiring Reads.

all about scotland gift box adventures on two wheels gift box inspiring reads gift box

And if that is no help at all – just phone us up and tell us what you like and we can recommend a book, taking payment over the phone … we’re usually in from 8.30 a.m. until 5 p.m., unless we’ve gone climbing. 

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