NEWS: Sabrina Verjee celebrates Tor des Geants win by publishing a book

September 15, 2022 1 min read

NEWS: Sabrina Verjee celebrates Tor des Geants win by publishing a book

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Sabrina Verjee is no stranger to completing epic running challenges and setting records, most notably by being the first person to complete the Wainwrights Round in under six days in 2021. She’s just taken on one of her biggest races to date, the Tor des Geants race in Italy, and in typical style she won the women’s race, finishing in fifth place overall, in a new record time of eighty hours and nineteen minutes.

Tor des Geants is one of the most renowned ultrarunning races in the world. Competitors take on 330 kilometres of rugged Italian mountains, with 24,000 metres of often quite technical ascent and descent. The clock never stops and runners have 150 hours to complete the brutal course, stopping to eat and sleep a little in life bases at regular points around the route. Sabrina’s performance was staggering, knocking four hours and thirty-nine minutes off the previous record, held by three-time winner, Silvia Trigueros, who finished in second place this year.

With perfect timing Sabrina finished just in time to catch up on a bit of sleep before the exciting launch of her book, Where There’s a Hill. It details her four attempts on the Wainwrights record and the unconventional running journey that took her to that point. It gives a fascinating insight into the dedication, determination and ability to come back from setbacks that goes into becoming one of the toughest ultrarunners in the world.

Where There’s a Hill is available to buy now

Where There's a Hill by Sabrina Verjee