Adventure books for dads who'd rather be outdoors

May 17, 2021 3 min read

For dads who go running and dads at the crag; for dads who like bikes and dads who hang out in bothies; you'll find plenty of Father's Day gift ideas for all sorts of dads here. We've even got ready-to-go gift boxes to take the worry out of wrapping and choosing complementary presents. 

In it for the Long Run by Damian HallIn it for the Long Run

What's in it? In It for the Long Run is ultrarunner Damian Hall’s story of running a first marathon aged thirty-six, dressed as a toilet, and representing Great Britain four years later. His midlife-crisis running problem escalated to 100-mile ultramarathons and record-breaking bimbles, culminating in his 261-mile Pennine Way run in July 2020.

Perfect for ...Dads inspired by the hard work, sacrifice and dedication it takes to be a top athlete, and all the self-doubt, guilt and toilet-wearing marathon running that comes with it.





Wild Winter by John D. BurnsWild Winter 

What's in it? In Wild Winter, John D. Burns, bestselling author of The Last Hillwalker and Bothy Tales, sets out to rediscover Scotland’s mountains, remote places and wildlife in the darkest and stormiest months. He traverses the country from the mouth of the River Ness to the Isle of Mull, from remote Sutherland to the Cairngorms, in search of rutting red deer, pupping seals, minke whales, beavers, pine martens, mountain hares and otters. 

Perfect for ... Dads who can spend hours out in the wilderness in search of elusive creatures and those with a care for our environment.





Peak District Gritstone by Graham HoeyPeak District Gritstone

What's in it? Peak District Gritstone is a fully comprehensive guide to traditional gritstone climbing which covers the whole of the national park. Written by local climber Graham Hoey, it features over 2,000 carefully selected trad routes graded from Mod to E10.

Perfect for ...Dads who spend all day at the crag trying different routes.






Peaks and Bandits by Alf Bonnevie BrynPeaks and Bandits

What's in it? In 1909, while dreaming of the Himalaya, Norwegian mountaineer Alf Bonnevie Bryn and a fellow young climber, the Australian George Ingle Finch, set their sights on Corsica to build their experience. The events of this memorable trip form the basis of Bryn’s acclaimed book Tinder og banditter– ‘Peaks and Bandits’, with their boisterous exploits delighting Norwegian readers for generations. Newly translated by Bibbi Lee, this classic of Norwegian literature is available for the first time in English.

Perfect for ... Dads reliving their boyish exploits on past-time climbing adventures. 





Structured Chaos by Victor SaundersStructured Chaos

What's in it? Structured Chaos is Victor Saunders’ follow-up to Elusive Summits (winner of the Boardman Tasker Prize in 1990), No Place to Fall and Himalaya: The Tribulations of Vic & Mick. He reflects on his early childhood in Malaya and his first experiences of climbing as a student, and describes his progression from scaling canal-side walls in Camden to expeditions in the Himalaya and Karakoram. 

Perfect for ... Dads who like tales of mountaineering triumphs, failures, rescues, tragedies and the unique friendships that are made in the mountains.





Broken by Ally BeavenBroken

What's in it? Attempting to break long-distance running records used to be an underground endeavour, until the virus-stricken summer of 2020 came along. Only a few, such as the Bob Graham Round in the Lake District, had ever broken into mainstream consciousness. But an absence of running races thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in an unprecedented rise in the popularity of attempts at breaking these records. In Broken, Ally Beaven takes an entertaining look at just why 2020 was so unusual for long-distance running. 

Perfect for ... Dot-watching dads fascinated by Fastest Known Times (FKTs).





Traffic-Free Cycle Trails by Nick CottonTraffic-Free Cycle Trails

What's in it? The book contains over 400 cycle routes in Great Britain. First published in 2004 and regularly updated ever since, it has become one of the country’s most popular cycling books, and this fourth edition published in 2020 features a large number of updates and revisions. 

Perfect for ...Novice riders looking to escape traffic and parents planning safe rides with children.





Big Trails: Great Britain & Ireland Volume 2 by Kathy Rogers and Stephen RossBig Trails: Great Britain & Ireland Volume 2

What's in it? Big Trails: Great Britain and Ireland Volume 2 is the second volume of this inspirational guide to the most iconic long-distance trails in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the Channel Islands. The twenty-five routes featured in this book comprise more of the best trails in Great Britain and Ireland. From some of Wales’ best views on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and the magnificent moorlands of the Two Moors Way (Devon Coast to Coast) in South-West England, to Scotland’s wild moors on the Southern Upland Way and over high cliffs on Ireland’s Burren Way.  Each route specifies approximate timings devised using the Jones–Ross formula, which allows for custom itineraries to be generated depending upon the speed of the user.

Perfect for ...Running, trekking, walking or fastpacking dads looking to plan a long-distance trail.